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Aleppo Soap

Aleppo Soap

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Cold Process Soap Aleppo Specialty Soap Bar

5 oz slices

This soap has a unique warm smoky scent that comes entirely from the laurel berry oil.

Aleppo soap doesn’t contain artificial colorants, artificial fragrances, perfumes, or animal fats. This makes the soap the ultimate natural product.  It's made with four ingredients and cured for a minimum of nine months. Aleppo soap is considered one of the purest soaps ever made, created exclusively with the most natural ingredients. It is made of olive oil, laurel bay oil, sodium hydroxide and water.

Aleppo soap is mild, gentle, moisturizing, and all natural. Once wet it has a luxurious, smooth and creamy lather that will help your skin feel refreshed. Olive oil is very rich in vitamin E and polyphenole, which is an anti-oxidant, while laurel berry oil has antiseptic properties.

This product can provide months of use due to its high density. It is also cost effective since it can be used to replace shampoo, conditioner, face soap, body wash, and shaving cream. When used on the face and body, the soap will clean the skin deeply while it removes dust and other micro-bodies from the environment. It can also be used as a make-up remover. The lack of artificial coloring or chemical additives help avoid skin irriatation that could occur when using an  industrial type of soap that is chemically charged.


Did you know???

The earliest recipes for Aleppo soap date back to 2400 B.C. Local villagers would harvest the olives and laurel berries, which grow wild in northern Syria and Turkey. Aleppo soap is the first hard, authentic soap to be created in the world. It is famous for its remarkable qualities and historical background. The production methods used to create this soap have been preserved to this day by Aleppian master soap makers. Since the 8th century families have been producing Aleppo soap in small scale and using the same techniques which has maintained this 13 century old tradition.

Aleppo soap is said to be most popular because of its purported disinfectant, regenerative, and purifying properties that help soothe sensitive skin. Some claims to fame are that it is useful for skin allergies, irritated skin or conditions such as general dermatitis like eczema, psoriasis, bacterial dermatitis, acne, and rosacea.

Laurel berry oil comes from the plant laurus nobilis. Some literature suggests this plant species predates dinosaurs and all mammalian life on Earth! It was so revered by ancient civilizations for it's mystical and medicinal properties that the wearing of a crown of its leaves was reserved for the noble. Today’s medical researchers are proving it's benefits and verifying the ancient wisdom regarding this plant as studies continue on the various medicinal efficacy of compounds derived from this plant.



Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive Oil, Laure Berry Oil, Distilled Water

* Please be kind and let this soap dry between uses, it will last so much longer! Also, if used with a bath pouf/Soap Net/Sea Sponge you'll have more bubbly, creamy, dreamy lather than you'll know what to do with!

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